Sports Chiropractic Care in Watertown

Chiropractic Watertown WI Running Ankle Injury

Sport injuries can occur at any time. It is up to you to seek the best care possible to help you return to the game you love.

When you visit our office, our Watertown chiropractor will thoroughly evaluate your injury using the latest technology to determine the best treatment plan.

  • Ultrasound therapy
  • X-ray capability
  • Electric stimulation therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization

Creating a personalized recovery plan for you

After your initial consultation and evaluation, our staff will create a plan that is tailored specifically to you. The plan will cover your complete rehabilitation process including strategies on how to prevent future injuries. The goal of our treatment is to help decrease your pain, improve your mobility and to heal your injury.

  • Complete rehabilitation
  • Return to play status and determinations
  • Focus on functionality and improvements
  • Injury prevention strategies


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